Chillum pipes have been a part of the smoking industry for really long; some say they were originated in India, and others say their origin is not defined, but they’ve been a significant part of the smoking culture. Back in time, they were used by sadhus and Rastafarians; Sadhus used to smoke chillums by the Ganges while preaching Lord Shiva. Smoking Chillum Pipes are hollow tubes that are used to smoke tobacco, and every hollow pipe has a chillum stone that helps in smoking through the chillum pipe. Chillum stone is situated in the center of the hollow tube that does not allow the tobacco or burnt ash to pass through your throat. Chillum stone also divides the mouthpiece and bowl in a chillum pipe and helps in diffusing the smoke.
Tobacco smoking Chillum Pipe is the most famous and known chillum pipe that is like the primary preference of every smoke lover as they are not just good with smoke but also give that ancient smoking feel. These tobacco Chillums pipes are available many different materials like Clay, Marble, Wood, Glass, and with an exciting design that is usually hand-carved. Each design on the chillum pipes helps in giving a good grip while smoking them. The design on the Chillum Pipes provides an excellent grip to the smoker while using the chillum.
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