Chillum Stone for Clay Chillum


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Product Description

Every tobacco Clay Chillum is made of two parts, one body of chillum smoking pipe and second chillum stone. Without a chillum stone, a chillum is useless as there will be no space for herbs to place. Well, chillum stone divides the bowl and mouthpiece of a chillum pipe and makes every bit of smoke smoother by letting it pass through the space between chillum and chillum stone. These chillum stones hold the herb in the upper part and do not allow herbs or ash to pass through your mouth or throat directly. 

Sometimes it happens that the chillum stone does not fit your chillum. In that case, you can always cut down your chillum stone from the top and make it fit the chillum.

 These chillum stones help you to enjoy smoother and better smoke for every hit.

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  • Size of this chillum

    These are chillum stones and they can fit a chillum of 6 inches.

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