JUICY JAY's Assorted Flavoured Rolls - 5 meter


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Product Details

  • 5 Meter Roll
  • Flavour of Choice
  • Made out of Triple dip Flavour System
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum

Product Description

Juicy Jay holds a massive market if we talk about the cigarette paper industry; they are the most smoked flavoured rolling paper. The brand has a range of different flavours available in the market for one to pick their choice. Juicy Jay's rolling papers are made of organic hemp with a triple-dip flavour system, which gives it a sweet fruity flavour for one to enjoy the smoke. The roll of the pack has a vibrant print printed using soy ink to make it look more attractive.


Flavour of Choice: This tasty cigarette paper roll by Juicy Jay has a choice of fruity flavours that will lit up your taste buds. This flavoured smoking paper roll is available in banana, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, cotton candy, strawberry, and bubble gum. The sweet fruity flavour of the roll will leave a sweet taste on the lips after every smoke. To make a perfect cigarette roll you can use Rolling Machine.

Triple Dip Flavour System: Juicy Jay has a technique of making these smoking papers rolls so juicy and tasty. This cigarette smoking paper goes through a process of triple-dip flavour system in which the paper is dipped thrice in the flavour and soaked for a week to infuse it with a juicy tasty for a perfect and smooth experience of smoke.

Made of Pure Hemp: Juicy Jay has all its Flavoured Rolling Papers and rolls manufactured out of organic substances. Just in the same way, these fruity rolling papers are made up of organic hemp that is environment-friendly. A lot of brands make their smoking accessories out of harmful substances, which concludes in the bad smoking experience.

Natural Sugar Gum: The gum used in these flavoured smoking paper is natural gum, which is extracted from plants and is made in Spain, the birthplace Rolling Papers.

Dimension: 16.4ft x 44mm. These smoking paper rolls give you an extra excuse to roll your smoke. Rolls give you full freedom to make super long or small smoke, according to your preference. One can enjoy that delicious flavoured smoke in preferred size.

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  • How many can you roll with these?

    You can roll different lengths depending on how much you want at the time. That's the beauty of the roll, roll your own.

  • Does it smell good?

    Yes, They smell the same flavour. Plus, when you lick the joint-I mean cigarette, it tastes sweet.

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