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  • This hemp wick from RAW is 6 meter long (or 19.68 Feet) and is a great addition for your smoking session.
  • RAW® Hemp Wick is a natural alternative to lighters and matches. Hemp and Beeswax are two primal renewable resources.
  • All RAW® Hemp Wick boxes and cards are printed on recycled and, or hemp paper.
  • It is all natural hemp coated in beeswax and is a great way to safely and conservatively enjoy your tobacco and various dry herbs.

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  • Can I smoke with this hemp wick?

    Yes, it's fine for cannabis, I've used it for months now with no ill effects. Much more natural flavor over a lot of cheaper hemp wick on the market. 

  • Why do I need hemp wick?

    Hemp wick is optional but with it, you eliminate inhaling butane and more importantly, your herb goes further because it burns at a significantly lower temp so you don't scorch/destroy as much of the good stuff in it. 

  • How do you use it for smoking?

    Light the hemp wick, and then as you would with a lighter, put the flame over your herb and take your hit.

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