Glass Blunt Smoking Pipe (With basic essentials)


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  • Meet 5-Inch Smoking Glass Blunt from OutonTrip. You just remove the rubber cap and fill the glass tube with up to 2 grams of your favourite herb, twist in the inner screw, light the end, and jam it up your keister prepare to get high. Fresh and easy!
  •  Each Package comes with a cleaning kit, rubber mouthpiece, and a cap which allows you to use it as a storage. Discreet shipping available at checkout. This product is intended for legal tobacco use only.
  • The 5-Inch CLear Glass Chillum Blunt is a thick glass tube with a long corkscrew piece in the middle. You simply load your goodies and twist the corkscrew down the tube. Now the corkscrew isn't just there to look cool. It allows this class piece to stay lit. You get the smooth smoke of a glass piece that you can puff, puff, pass like a blunt!
  • To ash your herbs, simply twist the screw clockwise and the ash will get pushed out the glass leaving fresh herbs for your next toke. Each Package comes with a cleaning kit, rubber mouthpiece, and a cap which allows you to use it as a storage container.
  • The Glass blunt Screw enables users to ash their tobacco when smoking. Glunt Screws are made of 100% copper and are designed to maintain a high resistance to heat.
  • Find a range of Clay Chillums, Glass Pipes, Wooden Chillum, Hand Pipes, Marbel Chillum.
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  • When will this be back in stock?

    Hey bro, we are trying to get it back in stock.

  • Where is your shop in kolkata?

    Hey man, for now, we don't have a shop, we just have an online store with a wide range of smoking accessory.

  • Hey can I use this glass blunt to connect it to glass bongs with a standard joint of 18.8mm as I have also purchased a glass bong with a standard joint of 18.8 mm from your website Thanks ......

    Yes, you can o that.

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