ELEMENTS Utra Thin Rice Rolling Papers

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Elements do know how to shake a smoking fan to the core. High-quality, ultra-thin rolling papers that need the expertise to fold or the just street smart. ELEMENTS King Size Slim is made from natural environmental and earthly friendly materials while their rolling papers are 100% windmill powered. Elements rolling papers are one of the best rolling papers in the market currently. Elements is a leading light in the world of high-quality smoking products ensuring that each product passes their tests of high standard quality checks.The papers come in a magnetized package where the safety of the rolling papers is guaranteed, so that they retain their freshness. This is a company you can keep your trust in because they always deliver. Elements rolling papers are made with a unique design from pure rice paper, with an added thin line of natural gum from the Acacia. The rice paper burns surprisingly with no ash, except for that one the thin line of residue left incidentally from the Acacia gum carmelizing.

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