Elements KS Slim Rolling paper + Raw Wide & Perforated Filter Tips - Set of 6


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Elements do know how to shake a smoking fan to the core. High-quality, ultra-thin rolling papers that need the expertise to fold or the just street smart. ELEMENTS King Size Slim is made from natural environmental and earthly friendly materials while their rolling papers are 100% windmill powered. Elements rolling papers are one of the best rolling papers in the market currently. Elements is a leading light in the world of high-quality smoking products ensuring that each product passes their tests of high standard quality checks. RAW WIDE TIPS are made from all-natural products and use 100% free Chlorine paper. The RAW WIDE TIPS are separated into perforated strips making it nice and easy to roll. The taste of tobacco in your mouth or as it slips in your teeth is a plenty unpleasant one. This is why RAW WIDE TIPS are a must for anyone who enjoys rolling their cigarette. A cigarette roller will make it easier for you to roll your cigarette. This is because it will create a space at the cigarette's end, so your fingers do not burn and also stop tobacco bits from getting into your mouth. RAW WIDE TIPS are manufactured such that they are practical to use by giving you space between the tobacco and your teeth.

  • Pack Of 3 Elements King Size Ultra Slim Papers + 3 Raw Wide & Perforated. Each Rolling Paper packet contains 33 leaves of pure pleasure and each Tips packet contains 50 filter tips.
  • Elements King Size Ultra Slim Papers burn smoothly producing no ash except the caramel created as the sugar gum burns, this is the result of using a criss-cross imprint.
  • Each tip has a number of perforated strips on one side that makes it nice and easy to roll you tip. you can also use this to create a 'Z' shaped center, which is a great way of adding a bit of extra strength and cooling down when you inhale. RAW perforated hemp tips are made with the same quality hemp that RAW is famous for. Tips enhance your smoking experience by preventing your filler from accidentally getting into your mouth.

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