RAW Cotton Filter Tips Pack - 200 Filter Tips


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Product Details

  • 200 Tips in Each Pack
  • Made of Natural Products
  • Chlorine Free
  • Dimensions

Product Description

What would a cigarette look like if a tip wasn’t used to roll it up? Tips are an essential part of a cigarette as they not just give a proper shape to your roll but also provides a better gripping while keeping that ash and tobacco away from your mouth. With different types of tips in the market, RAW came up with a set of pre-rolled cotton tips that made the life of every smoker easier, as now one doesn’t have to waste time on rolling a tip when they can easily use a pre-rolled tip to roll their smoke. These RAW Cotton Tips are for those who enjoy better gripping with enough space between their lips and roll.


Tips in Each Pack: Every pack has 200 tips for 200 ready to roll a smoke.

Made of Natural Products: RAW is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the products it produces. These RAW Slim Cotton Tips are crafted from classic natural unrefined cotton that gives rigidity to roll with a proper grip.

Chlorine Free: The wide range of products that are manufactured by RAW is chlorine-free and unrefined, as RAW believes in products that are environment-friendly and gives good smoking experience.

Dimensions: Dimensions of your RAW Slim Cotton Tip is 15mm and 8 mm in diameter. Usually, people don’t notice the size or dimension of tips, but it's essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice.

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Ask a Question
  • do these fit a standard size cigarette or are the fatter/skinnier?

    They are designed to fit the papers made by RAW and other brands of the same size.

  • how long does one filter last?

    It usually lasts one cigarette. They don't go bad. They're a soft cotton filter wrapped In paper.

  • Are these biodegradable?

    Wow, good question! I can't say with certainty that they qualify as biodegradable. What I can say is they're made of cotton, as opposed to a petroleum-based product like many filters. Raw is a very responsible company in every way so I feel confident these would be the least damaging to the environment. Hope this helps, sorry I can't be more concise.


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