The bubbler pipe was originally used in Asia and Africa. The way the pipe works, makes it favourite among the pot smokers from all around the world, it is used by both experienced and casual smokers.

Take a look at these 10 trendy Chillums

  1. Bubbler

The bubbler pipe was originally used in Asia and Africa. The way the pipe works, makes it favourite among the pot smokers from all around the world, it is used by both experienced and casual smokers. With this pipe the smoke floats down the tube and then reaches the reservoir of water that cools the smoke before you inhale it. It gets its name with the fact that bubbles are produced in the water while smoking. The result of bubbler is it is smoother, creamier, hits high and much quicker. They come in awesome variety of colours and design. Bubbler makes it easy for the stoner to take full advantage of larger hits of smoke every time without fail.

  1. Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are known for giving you much better taste as compare to the taste that you get in metal or wooden pipes and they don’t produce chemicals that can be harmful to you as they do not get mix into your smoke. When the heat interacts with the colour of your piece it makes it look more vibrant with an intense vibrancy. Glass pipe can break if dropped hard enough and will get shattered on the floor but if you handle them with little care they often do last long than those wooden pipes that eventually burn over the time. The pure marijuana that you will get with glass pipe is well worth with extra few bucks.

  1. Foldable Pipes

Foldable pipes are also known as slider pipes they are available in wooden or in metal material and can be fixed with the help of magnet. These pipes are perfect for those who travel a lot as it can be fold into small squares and they do not look like a pipe after that. The magnetic pipes can be fold in any shape and can be used as a coffee table decorator too.  They are like a small toy and can be provide a pretty smoke too. They come in many colours are perfectly fine for a puff! 

  1. Metal Pipes

Metal pipes look an antique; many metal pipes are moulded into an antique. These pipes give you a quality smoking and a very good feeling; they give you a quality smoke. The more common metal pipes are known as chamber pipes. Some metal pipes are known for good smoking experience and they look like mini hookah pipes. They accomplish your desire to make you feel extremely high.

  1. Vaporizer Pipes

A vaporizer pipe is specially design to vaporize all the delicious cannabis inside instead of just burning it like the regular pipes do. This allows you to get 100% of the marijuana inside, makes it more effective for extremely high experience. Vape pipes are also famous for its non hazardous characteristics’. These pipes avoid the inhalation of toxic chemicals and hazardous gases and the taste that you get is mild, smooth and light. 

  1. Chillum

Chillum is an ancient kind of smoking pipe that can be made out of many things wood, stone, clay and glass. In 18th century these chillums were used by monks and it is a cone shaped pipes used for smoking opium, marijuana and tobacco. Chillums are usually small devices that give you 1-3 really awesome hits. There comes larger chillums too but they cool the smoke before you inhale it. Chillum is a rustic thing and getting stoned from chillum is too a rustic and effective thing.

  1. Wooden Pipes

Originally these wooden pipes are made out of wood for the use of tobacco and were used by the tobacco smokers. These nosewarmer are good for to smoke marijuana and can have its own advantage. Wooden pipe has a much larger bowl to pack plenty of stuff into it. Though wooden pipes carry a different flavour that you can’t taste in the smoke, it adds a natural taste to your bud. Some wooden pipes come with copper or brass fitted into the mouth piece to give it a stylish touch. These pipes last long when taken care properly.

  1. Calabash Gourd Pipes

These Pipes are not just for show off. Its name is derived from an African Calabash Gourd that these Pipes are made of. These gourds are grown for the sole purpose of becoming pipes. The way Calabash is designed gives the stoner a cool, dry smoke that comes off clean and refreshing. These pipes make a unique smoke and a cool piece to be add in your collection.

  1. Meerschaum Pipes

These pipes are quite uncommon one to smoke weed and risky too but if you are a stoner then you must try this because every smoking experience is a good one. Meerschaum is a natural material and it is a kind of stone like shell that is found floating on the black sea. The downsides of these pipes become very hot that too very fast and make it difficult to make a hold on it. Chronic use of this pipe they turn beautiful rich and deep hues of red, orange and cream and gets better with time.

  1. One Hitters

These pipes are very useful when you re out in public and having the urge to get one. One hitters are small pipes that have enough room for one hit and are often called sneak tokes. One hitters are very helpful when it is about preserving weeds and you will get an acceptable amount mild stone and excellent pipe choice for go on living.