The article looks at organic papers like Elements and Raw, flavored Juicy papers, signature Wiz Khalifa and classic Elements rolling paper brands.

Rolling Papers brands and their specialty
Rolling Papers are like smokes, they come in a huge number of varieties and types and each brand has their own unique specialty. This post is dedicated to exploring and showcasing the best, most exclusive brands out there and how each one will give you a different experience for your smoke. You can find all these and more at OutOnTrip.com.


Raw rolling papers are exactly what their name suggests – RAW to the core. The brand only sells all natural rolling papers for the cleanest and best smoke. The paper is translucent and has a brownish color from the hemp it is made of. It is known for an even, slow burn which adds no noticeable taste to the product you’re smoking. The company recently released an all-organic line of papers which is made from pure, organically grown hemp and is processed with all the eco-friendliness you can imagine. These Raw Organic Rolls have captured the imagination of all those who believe in the purity of a smoke and want nothing to do with chemicals and artificial things in their product. RAW has been popularized by artists like Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa and their supply frequently outstrips demand.



This is the paper that is described as Top-of-the-line by nearly everyone who uses it. This is because it really is made from really high-quality paper which is made from rice and sugar and is really, really thin. The name comes from the 4 symbols on every pack, Earth for natural ingredients, Water for the watermark which makes for a smooth burn, Wind for their windmill powered production and Fire for the zero ash that these papers produce. The company prides itself (a little too much perhaps) on their innovations of the magnetic closure of packs and perfect fold design. The paper also comes in an astonishing range of sizes up to 3-meter lengths and the paper is known for its ultra- slow burn. ELEMENTS paper is another natural alternative to the hemp paper and is the chic option for the modern smoker.



This is definitely the paper to go for if you’re looking to try something different, a way to add variety to your smoke. Juicy papers come in a huge range of quirky and out-of-the-box flavored rolling papers, which they claim will enhance the natural taste of the product. In the world of papers, this option might a bit far out, a variety which is all too important. This brand does not take itself or its image too seriously and it shows. They manufacture papers in all known flavors like watermelon, mango, kiwi, coconut, chocolate and even Jamaican rum. One thing is for sure, if you smoke juicy, you’ll never get bored.  




Rapper Wiz Khalifa is not the first musician or performer to bring the weed culture into the popular imagination. But he is has broken new ground by partnering with Raw Rolling papers to launch a signature line of rolling papers. The company and the artist have had a mutually supportive relationship for a while and inked this contract in 2014. The Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers is the culmination of this partnership with a line of custom smoking accessories inspired by Wiz’s smoking preferences. This branded line is introducing new people to the custom rolling industry and spawning a new cult culture.  


Miquel Y Costas is one of the oldest and the largest manufacturers of smoking paper. The company was officially incorporated in 1929 with the Smoking brand of rolling papers introduced in 1924. The papers are all made in Spain where the company is based. This brand offers a wide variety of papers, everything from rice to hemp and everything in between which means they have something on offer for everyone. The papers are made from Acacia gum which is famous for having a minimal effect on the product you’re smoking. The company also claims to be committed to the environment with making papers without cutting down a single tree. This is undoubtedly a classic rolling paper brand.