OutOnTrip looks at Vaporizers, the healthiest smoking device. We dive into the science behind vapes, their health benefits and some common issues with vapes.

All about the Vape

Smoking is poised to enter a modern era through the use of this magical handheld device. The vaporizer is the instrument of choice for the smoker of today. It is the ideal device for all of us who have become quite cognizant of our health and the possible harmful effects of the various components of weed. The traditional forms of smoking are still the most popular and preferred ways to go – joints, bongs and all the rest of it. People feel connected to a tradition and take pride in their detachment from technology and science. But vaporizers are the future and they are here to stay.

Woman smoking a vaporizer

First things first, how does this dang contraption work? The idea is pretty simple and grounded in sound science. Vaporizers maintain the substance at a temperature that is just sufficient to release its gaseous components, but the temperature is just below the point when the stuff will burn up. The old way to achieve this was conduction when the substance was placed in direct contact with the heating element and the temperature was controlled. This will lead to nasty stuff accumulating on the heating element though, and is not particularly efficient. Modern vaporizers use a convection heating method where the substance is kept in a chamber and the heat is increased through convection currents to achieve the desired temperature.

Filling a vape with weed

Now that we’ve covered the science stuff, let’s get on to why vaporizers are gaining such ground. Due to their method of delivering the vapor hit of the herb, the vaporizer tends to eliminate the majority of chemical substances that are traditionally associated with a joint or bong based smoke. These include the ash from joints and a number of other chemicals and tars which is definitely a plus.

Second, due to the heating, the hit delivered by a vaporizer is quite strong. First time users are generally advised to sit down because the hit can make you dizzy. Now that is something every smoker can get behind. Moreover, vaporizers are increasingly becoming lighter, more streamlined and more portable. The new ones basically look like a slightly bloated, elongated pen that can fit in your pocket. Since there is no preparation required for doing a “vape”, you just need to carry the product along, pop it in and get puffing. Vapes today even offer the user a choice of temperature settings for different types of material and climatic conditions.

Portable vaporizer

There are a couple of downsides worth mentioning. First, since it is an electronic device, it needs to be battery operated for which you need to carry around a charger with you. Battery life of vapes varies wildly by brand and type, but there is no escaping a low battery no matter what vaporizer you own.

 Second, many smokers out there feel like it is quite an artificial way to smoke a substance that is so all-natural and elemental. It just feels kind of wrong. For all of you who feel this way, go check out some of our exclusive rolling papers and bongs.

Overall, vapes are strongly looking up to be the future of smoking. Vapes offer a strong smoke with less stress on the lungs and less exposure to toxins in traditional smoke. They have rave reviews from all smokers who have given vaping a try. Many smokers have permanently switched to vapes for their health benefits. They are currently the healthiest way to smoke. So go ahead and look up the vapouriers we carry here at OutOnTrip.

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