We discuss 2, 3 and 4 part herb grinders and how to use them. We discuss kief in a 4 part grinder and various grinder materials like wood, plastic and metal.

All about Grinder


If you’ve only ever smoked in college, chances are the only way you know how to crush and use weed is with your fingers. It is a delicate process which requires patience and concentration and some people still prefer to do it the old school way. By now, most people have moved on to herb Grinders which are an easy and efficient way to grid the product into a smooth consistency for your joint.

Used 2-part metal grinder

Grinders are usually available in the 2-part or 4-part variety. The 2-part grinder (pictured above) is mostly preferred by the casual smoker or the travelling smoker where portability is a priority. As an extension to this, there is also the 3-part variety which has a section below to collect the fine stuff that gets broken down. This type is perfect for blunts or joints. For the more serious smoker out there, we would definitely recommend the 4-part grinder (pictured below). The chief benefit of this is the bottom part below the filter screen, where kief gets collected over time.

In the picture below, it is the fine powdery substance on the extreme left. Kief is the potent part of the herb and is used to make hash. With a 4 part grinder, you can collect kief over time and sprinkle some on top of your herb in the joint for a more powerful smoking experience.

4-part metal grinder with herb and kief

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s get into the how-to part (which is super easy we promise).



Step 1 – Pack in the buds

Whether you own a 2-part or 4-part grinder, step 1 is basically the same. Place the buds in the second piece where it will be crushed to fine little bits for your smoking pleasure. A word of caution – do not put the herb in the dead center (we really should have gotten a better photograph). Most metal grinders come with a metallic lock on the lids which will not snap shut if the buds are blocking it. Also, center placement just doesn’t make for a smooth consistency of herb.

2-part metal grinder with buds

Step 2 – Do the twist

Once your buds are in place, close the grinder firmly and gently give it a few turns in either direction. If you’re superstitious about the whole thing, we would recommend clockwise twisting for sanity. Most people give the tumbler about 5-7 turns in both directions. In between, feel free to gently open the cap and peek in to see how crushing is going on. Adjust some stubborn bud and carry on. Once you’re satisfied, remove the cap gently and tip over the ground herb onto a plain sheet of paper or what have you. Roll away and enjoy!

Crushed herb in grinder

Step 3 – In case you’ve got the 4-part grinder

If you don’t there is nothing to see here, so you can move on. If you’ve opted for the full grinder experience, there is an extra before step here before you even begin step 1. Put a coin on the filter screen to collect the most kief (see our 4-part grinder picture). Don’t ask us why this would work – it’s simply one of those things you can contemplate while you smoke up. After you’re done with your crushing lightly tap the screen part to get the maximum kief collected. After about 4-5 uses, you should have enough kief to sprinkle on a joint. Enjoy the experience.

Grinders come in many varieties of materials – chief among which are plastic, wood and metal. The plastic ones are for beginners only and we wouldn’t recommend them for long term use because the plastic sometimes has a tendency to mix with the herb. If you’re strapped for cash and just want a few uses – go for it. The wooden variety is much better with a more natural feel to it, but it too can wear out after prolonged use. Metal grinders (made of aluminum) are the best ones out there because they last long and add no unwanted taste to the herb you smoke.

2-part wood grinder

Whatever your preference, we have a grinder to suit your needs. So go over to OutOnTrip and find the best grinder for you.