12 Inch Leaf Print Glass Bong with Ice Catcher


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Product Detail

  • Height 12 Inch
  • 14.4 mm Female Joint
  • Removable 14.4mm Slider Pipe
  • Ice Catcher
  • Clear Glass
  • Standard Glass
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Bulbous Chamber


Planning for new glass to add up in your smoking collection? Well, this 12 Inch bong with a leafy print can be one of your choices. It is a clear glass bulbous bong that has a female joint to hold a 14.4mm slider pipe for the stuff. The bong is made up of standard glass with a flared mouthpiece for better gripping.


Height: The height of the bong is 12 inch which is one of the most picked sizes for regular users. The bong has a good enough of height that keeps your face away from the bowl containing herbs, as while litting up those herbs, heat can directly hit your face and ruin your session.

Female Joint: This bong has a female joint of 14.4mm that can only hold a slider piper of 14.4mm. Well, a female joint is an opening in the bong that holds the bowl in which the herbs are placed. These joints can only hold male accessories like shooters, pipes, and K-Clips.

Removable Slider Pipe: Slider pipes are glass tubes that allow smoke to travel to the chamber of the bong. These pipes have a bowl attached that holds herbs for each rip is available in two sizes of 14.4mm and 18.8mm.

Ice Catcher: An ice catcher is a pinched formation inside a bong that holds ice and makes your every smoke smoother and lighter, and in this bong, it is placed between two rings just above the bulbous beaker. Well, ice catcher not only holds ice but also avoids spilling of water and lets you inhale more smoke with every rip.

Clear Glass: Bong is made up of clean glass that allows you to watch the functioning of your every rip. Clear glass helps you to view the bubbles stack while they circulate for your every smoke.

Standard Glass: Most of the bong that you see in the market are made cheap glass that makes them fragile enough to break with a small touch or while placing it on a table. Here at OutonTrip, we think more about customer experience; thus, we have these standard glass bongs that are made up of M quality glass. The bong has long durability if used with care.

Flared Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of the bong is thick enough that gives you a good grip for a rip, and this is also known as a flared mouthpiece. Better gripping at flared mouthpiece leads to better inhale of smoke.

Bulbous Chamber: The shape of the bong base is like a round bulb that is spacious enough for water to circulate well for every rip.

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