About Us

Changing the world, One trip at a time

Let the tripping begin!

In an era of conformity where iconoclasm is looked upon with derision, we break the odds. Outontrip is more than a shop –  it is a revolution of creativity, freethought, and liberalism that stems from the innate desire of a handful of ordinary people with unbridled dreams. Inspired by the explosion of art, music, and culture in the American Beat generation, we want to strike a similar chord, draw a similar emotion, and conceive a similar zeal among our clientele.

We’re still fairly new – Outontrip was conceived in July 2015 as a product of the innovation between four friends from seemingly disparate backgrounds with only one thing in common – a penchant for getting things done, acumen and gumption in the face of difficulty and an eagerness to go where there is no path and leave a trail.


We envisioned a marketplace that brings the best original and branded smoking accessories from around the globe to the threshold of the Indian buyer. We are the largest store of our kind in India and have distribution rights from HBI International and brands such as RAW, Wiz, Juicy, Elements. Even though we’ve only started on our journey, our products regularly sell on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and constitute the biggest marketplaces in their categories. Today, we have over 1.6 million customers from every corner of the nation who avail our products over the internet. We are currently partnering with CoHo, Raasta, Zomato, and Comicon.

Our journey has just begun, and our dreams are big. Over the next two years, we envision Outontrip as the biggest and most trusted seller of smoking accessories in the whole world. When it comes to success, our team is adamant and perseverant – we buy out or burn out our competition and stop at nothing short of victory.