‘Spot the Difference’ is a game where participants must circle the differences from the two pictures that are provided below. You can win or get free smoking accessories by doing the following-


  • Rotate you phone to landscape mode. And then take a screen shot.
  • Open that screenshot and share it with us on a whatsapp.
  • While sharing screenshot mark all differences with the help of whatsapp edit tool or can also use arrows in the same tool.  To directly open our whatsapp please CLICK HERE
  • Once you share the photos we will revert you back with 2-3 Business working days and check your answers.
  • If their will be any differences you missed and didn't mark you will lose the chance to get the gift. But best part you have five pictures means 5 chances. So, keep it going and rolling!
  • And if you shared image has all the differences marked will send the details of the gifts you won.