Hi OutonTrippers!

Hope you're holding up during these hard times.

The last three months have been an absolute crapfest. From the ridiculous covid19 spread to riots across the world, it's easy to feel low looking at the state of the world. The impact of coronavirus has crushed the majority of people around the globe, majorly the low and daily wage-earning people. According to the World Bank, more than 40 million Indian migrants are affected due to Nationwide lockdowns. Tens of thousands of daily-wage migrant workers suddenly found themselves jobless and homeless, struggling to go back to their hometown. We never imagined all this happening in this modern world. 

OutonTrip, as a business, has also taken a hit due to this pandemic. The Nationwide lockdown stopped all our operations, and as a consumer-based supplying product, our platform was on hold for all this time, which lead us to loss and downfall. But all this time we have been thinking about how we can make things and experiences better for our customers. Well, slowly, we are getting back on our feet, and start again with our order deliveries. But currently, we wanted something more than just delivering products to you guys. Something that we can achieve with you by our side; We want to help communities that need help, the once who can't reach their home or have been hungry for days.

So, OutonTrip as a team and company has taken a small initiative to help the needy by donating 5% to 10% of all the website orders revenue/sales we will receive in June. And we will be giving the final collection to 'Two Organizations' that are actively working to "Feed the Migrants/Refugees and Other Feeding the Stray Animals in the Remote Areas".

Well, what is it about 5% and 10%:

  • - Option A: One can take a 5% discount, and we donate the 5% of that order value to the NGO.
  • - Option B: If one can skip the discount, and we give the entire 10% of that order value to the NGO.

We always have been there to help our customers by delivering their essentials on time. Then why shouldn't we help these human superheroes and organizations that are risking their lives and sacrificing their time their earnings to help the needy in these tough time? These efforts are a small contribution to support the sufferings. And we would like to encourage more people and companies to the same or better only if possible for them, given the situation is getting worse!

Feel free to reach out to us to know more about the initiative.And if you want to do more in term of contribution! Then you can contact us for more details of the donation!

Also, you can support us more by creating awareness! Please take the screenshot of the images below and share them on your social media platforms and pages, or pass them around your circle!