Bob Marley Metallic Herb Crusher - 50mm


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Product Details

  • Made of Alloy
  • Dimension
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Divided into 4 Parts and 3 Chambers
  • Magnetized Lid

Product Description

Well, we’re all aware of this name Bob Marley, he has been an Iconic Idol ever since his time known for his music and devoted Rastafarian. This tobacco crusher has an imprint of Bob Marley that can be a good pick for his fans out there. The herb crusher is divided into four parts to hold your herbs and crushed tobacco with a magnetized lid that keeps the body and lid together while crushing. The tobacco grinder has diamond-shaped sharp teeth to crush tobacco evenly; they do not just save time but also make your work easy.


Made of Alloy: The tobacco crusher grinder is made up of a mixture of different metals that not just makes it strong but also gives it a shiny look. These crushers have a long and durable life due to its excellent quality material that makes it last long with a smooth crushing system due to its non-stick friction ring.

Dimension: The dimension of the tobacco crusher is 50mm in diameter(+-3mm) and 39mm in length, well one should know the dimensions of the product they use, as it helps you to give a basic idea that how much of your herbs or tobacco can be crushed/stored in one go. Generally, the 50mm is more than enough to crush for three joints. But you can go for a bigger or smaller size as per your requirements.

Sharp Diamond-shaped Teeth: These grinders have a set of sharp teeth that are in the shape of a diamond. These diamond-shaped sharp teeth help you in giving the best of the crushed herbs by placing it between these teeth and rotating the body and lid of the herb grinding crusher. Well, now, you are ready to go for a fantastic smoking session by just filling your Pre-Rolled Cones with crushed tobacco.

Divided into 4 Parts and 3 Chamber: The crusher tobacco grinder is divided into four parts with three chambers. Each chamber holds a pure crushed herb that is crushed in the upper compartment and passed through the refining sheet in the other chamber. These compartment holds the right amount of crushed tobacco/herbs for you to roll a perfect smoke.

Magnetized Lid: The Tobacco Crusher has a magnetized lid that holds the body and lid of the crusher together. This also helps in better grinding of herbs as it holds the body and lid together while crushing and does allows the grinded tobacco/herbs to spill out.

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  • how do you clean this?

    I would just use some soap and water and dry it off and let it air dry 

  • How does this work? There are no instructions!

    The grinder is in several sections. Lift off the top. Put the herbs in that top section. Replace the top. And use your hands to twist the top and bottom in opposite directions. That grinds the herbs. Lift the top and look in to make sure they are ground the way you want. If so, dump out the part that is still on top. Then twist off the bottom part (like a jar lid), as some of the herbs will have fallen through and onto the screen in the bottom section. There is also a plastic paddle that will help you scrape out any remaining herbs. This sounds complicated, but it's not. this is a very sturdy and well-made grinder. I love mine!

  • Does it secure any smell I put in the grinder? Don't want it smelling like anything illegal.

    Yeah, any residue smell is not gonna be smelled. Very little smell when sealed.

  • How much can it grind at once?

    A lot but it gets filled up pretty fast so you have to adjust the bud and clean out the weed.

  • Does it has a magnetic lid?

    Yes, it does has a magnetic lid. 

  • How do you use it?

    You put your dried oregano/parsley/herbs in the top and spin it then the middle has ground herbs.

  • What is 42mm, 50 and 56 mm?

    These are the diameter of the crusher. The product comes in different sizes.

  • How can one use this product can it grind all spices like clove pepper nutmeg?

    No. Things get stuck. It is meant for herbs such as dry leaves. As per internet search, it is more for Marijuana than spices.

  • what is the use of 4 parts?

    In this crusher there are 4 parts in which first two parts have teeth which help to grind herbs and third part is a net filter in which powders of herbs are collected and if you want fine powder then it will automatically filter through the net and will store in fourth part ......and I'm using this product for over 3 months and it really helpful and I'm happy after purchasing this product.

  • Indian Weeds are so sticky. Can I crush sticky weeds with this?

    Slightly sticky won't pose a problem as long as you clean it regularly. If you want to wet it a bit, do so after crushing.
    A word of advice: try to find gry yellowish or greenish ones. We don't get fresh sticky stuff here, the ones we get are generally chemical dipped.

  • What is the material of the grinder, especially the grinding teeth? I need a crusher for cardamom seeds, will this crush cardamom seeds?

    The grinder and it's grinding teeth are made of metal. No, it won't crush the cardamom seeds as the seed are too small to be crushed in the crusher.

  • Is it a good kief catcher?

    Yes, it works just fine, although the description says large it is merely medium in hand. 

  • It crushes the seeds and stems to..?

    Stems are not crushed but seeds are crushed which is impossible to separate later 

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