12 Inch Glass Bong with Ice Catcher & Inset Percolator


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Product Details

  • Height 12 Inch
  • 18.8 mm Female Joint
  • 18.8mm Removable Downstem
  • Clear Glass
  • Thick Glass
  • Ice Catcher
  • Inset Percolator
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Scientific Beaker
  • Use with Screen Filter*

Product Description

The smoking pipe bong has an interesting shape of a conical beaker with a combination of Inset Percolator and ice catcher that has a height of 12 inches which makes it perfect for enjoying home sessions. The inset percolator is attached to the center of the bong to give you dense and smooth smoke. The percolator bong has a female joint of 18.8mm that holds a combination of removable downstem with the shooter for your favorite herbs.


Height: The height of the smoking pipe bong is 12 inches which is a good height for anyone who enjoys the bong rips every day. The height of the water pipe does not let the heat of burning herb crushed from Herb Grinder hit your face.

Flared Mouthpiece: It has been experienced that thicker the flared mouthpiece of pipe bong better is the bong session as it creates an airtight seal for you to inhale cool smoke while giving you a tight grip.

Female Joint: Well, the female joint of the bong is 18.8mm, which holds a removable bong downstem with a bowl shooter. You can also use an 14.4mm Ashcatcher to keep your water pipe bong cleaner. These joints are broad openings that can hold male bong accessories like Bowl Shooters, Slider Pipes.

Removable Shooter: This particular transparent bong fits a combination of removable slider Downstem with Bowl Shooter that holds your favourite herb. Well, These removable shooters have two parts. One with a long stem and diffuser at the last and other with small bowl/holder shooter which is placed above slider pipe. You can also use an Ashcatcher to keep your bong cleaner.

Ice Catcher: Doesn’t a cool and smooth smoke hits better and faster, well that is all because of an Ice Catcher. These Ice catchers are a pinched formation inside Ice Bong that holds ice and makes your every smoke smooth and light. It even helps in avoiding the spilling of water while taking each rip and lets you inhale more smoke.

 Inset Percolator: The inset percolator is a small dome structure with a diffusing stem to diffuse more of smoke. The inset percolator is situated just above the water chamber for you to enjoy a dense and cool smoke. These percolators are used to create effective cool smoke for one to enjoy.

Clear Glass: The percolator bong is made up of clean clear glass that gives a clear vision of the inside process of every rip when smoke swirls in the water chamber for the smoke.

Thick Glass: The Transparent Ice Bong is made up of High-quality glass, as thicker the glass stronger is the percolator bong. These thick glass transparent smoking bongs are less likely to break with a single touch and more likely to sustain for a longer time. We believe in good customer experience thus prefer the best quality.

Scientific Funnel: The 12 Inch bong chamber is in the shape of scientific chemistry funnel to make you feel less nostalgic and more fun with every session.

"Use Screen Filters to decrease the waste of your favourite herbs and at the same time helps you to keep your bong clean."*

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Ask a Question
  • When will it be back in stock

    Hey bro, the bong will be back in stock soon. Due to all the worse conditions out there, there has been a delay in getting the bong back in stock.

  • Whats the thickness of the glass?

    Hey, the bong is made up of high-quality borosilicate glass with a thickness of 4mm to 5mm, which is considered to be a good decent glass.

  • Is there inset percolator in this?

    Hey, yes the bong has an inset percolator bong, that gives a perfect smoking experience with a dense and smooth smoke.

  • Is the pipe sold separately in case it is broken? What are the exact dimensions of the pipe?

    Hey, do you mean the slider pipe? Yes, the slider pipes are available separately in case they are broken. This particular bong fits a combination of 18.8mm slider pipe and 14.4mm bowl shooter.

  • Where to put ice cubes??

    Hey, the bong has three pinched formations in the bong that holds the ice. You can easily drop down the ice cubes from the tube and the pinched formation will hold the ice.

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