Handmade 4 Inch Clay Chillum


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Product Details

  • Made of Clay
  • Chillum Stone
  • Hand Grip Design
  • Dimension
  • Finishing

Product Description

Clay Chillum has been a part of Indian smoking culture forever since, they were used by sadhus, Rastafarians, and basically popularised by hippies in western culture. These Indian smoking pipes are handcrafted and every single detail that you see is carved one at a time. They’re a narrow tube with an end to end opening, that has a removable stone. This stone divides the bowl for the herbs and the mouthpiece for the smoke. Well, carvings on the chillum pipestone help in cooling the smoke while pushing it towards the wall of the chillum. For every smoke one needs 0.5 gm to 1.5gm of the herb of tobacco. While smoking usually people use a cloth to avoid burned ash from their smoke which might pass through the tobacco chillum stone. Nowadays Wood, Glass, Marble, and Stone smoking pipes are also available.


Made of Clay: We all know clay is चिकनी मिट्टी, which is basically wet soil that can be molded in any form, which becomes solid once dried. This wet soil is first given the shape or design of choice and further baked to make them solid and rigid for use. This Brown Clay Chillum Pipe is made of Indian clay that gives it a firm and sleek look. The mixture of two clays from different regions makes this chillum an outstanding piece for a smoke lover to must try.

Chillum Stone: Chillum stone is considered to be the most important part of the chillum because, without it, it’s kinda useless. The chillum stone acts as a mediocre between the bowl and mouthpiece. It helps to hold the herb in the upper part and does not lets it get down through your mouth/throat directly. It makes the flow of smoke even and smoother while pressing it towards the wall of the chillum for a better experience.

Hand Grip Design: The Indian Tobacco Chillum has a good hand grip due to its simple design which makes it easy to hold and smoke better. As these chillum pipes are made up of clay thus without a proper finishing these chillums become too smooth to hold that they end up slipping from your hands.

Dimension: Indian Smoking Chillums are also delicate after all they’re made up of clay, so for traveling purposes, a small chillum is the best preference. The chillum has a dimension of 4 Inches that holds a chillum stone of 2.5 Inches which can be your good traveling companion.

Finishing: Here at OutonTrip, we believe in giving the best experience to every customer by providing them with the best quality available in the market. This Smoking Chillum Pipe is made up of the best clay with a super sleek and excellent finishing that is easy to hold and use. They are not like other chillums available in the market that are fine but not good enough.

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Ask a Question
  • can you send it to EEUU?

    Hey bro, so sorry we can't do that.

  • How to use it..can nyone pls explain me...?

    It is very easy bro, as you can see the chillum has two part one is chillum stone and the other is the hollow pipe. Place the chillum stone in the chillum and add your fav herb or tobacco in the upper part of the division of the stone and burn the herb while taking the smoke in from the lower part of the chillum. Try using a cloth to smoke the chillum as it makes it easy to hold the chillum and does not allows the ash to roll down your throat.

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