RAW Classic Rolling Paper Supernatural 12 Inch - 20 Leaves


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  • 20 Leaves in each pack
  • Unbleached paper
  • Made of plant fibres
  • Natural tree sap gum
  • Each paper is watermarked
  • Even and slow-burning

PRODUCT Description

Ever tried the finest smoking rolling paper available in the market? Well, If not, then you should try them. RAW is one of those brands that took the market after the launch of RAW Classic and other smoking accessories. Well, This 12 Inch RAW Classic Supernatural big rolling paper is made up of natural unbleached plant fibres with tree sap gumline. These smoking papers are the best party pack one can have and even for those who enjoy smoking in big groups. So are you ready to party and smoke?


Leafs Per Pack: 20 Leaves of True Happiness.

Made of Plant Fibers: While keeping everything in mind, RAW has always manufactured a cigarette rolling paper that is environmentally friendly and made up of natural plant fibres. A lot of brands out there use chalk and ammonia dyes to make their cigarette rolling paper look like RAW’s, even some other brands in the market make these joint rolling paper out of shoe tissue paper with glue rendered from animals. Well, these RAW Classic smoking joint papers are made vegan, unbleached plant fibres with natural tree sap gumline.

Natural Tree Sap Gum: RAW believed in manufacturing all environmentally friendly products, each of its cigarette smoking paper variants is made up of natural ingredients. The gumline used in these smoking joint paper is nothing but naturally extracted tree sap.

Unbleached: Well, RAW Smoking Cigarette Rolling Paper is not like others available in the market that are chlorine-bleached. RAW is one of them who thinks about its customer's smoking experience for which it has naturally processed and unbleached cigarette papers. The bleached paper doesn't only harm a person while smoking but also creates a dangerous impact on nature at the same time. To make things environment-friendly, RAW has all its papers made of plant fibres.

Dimensions: 280mm - 45mm, 12 Inch RAW Classic SUPERNATURAL.This 12 Inch SUPERNATURAL rolling paper is nothing but a party pack. It is one of the huge sizes that are available in the market, but most of the people out there barely have a clue about these huge and Different Size rolling papers. One should have proper information about what they are using, as it clears their preferences for future purpose.

Watermarked: These RAW smoking papers have watermarks all over it — a crisscross marking all over the paper with RAW written at several places to identify the originality of the paper, meanwhile helping it to burn slowly and evenly.

Even and Slow Burning: RAW is one of the most preferred smoking papers in the market. It is not just known for being the thinnest paper but also for slow and even burning quality. These rolling papers have a crisscross pattern all over which maintains slow and even burning. Meanwhile lets you enjoy every puff of smoke without any hurry.

Legal Disclaimer:

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Ask a Question
  • How many come per pack?

    20 unbleached rolling papers or leaves per pack.

  • How many grams of the dry herb is needed to fill it??

    About 7 grams, but it depends on how big you want to make it...duh...

  • Which Roache to put in it ? Any special one?

    Currently, we don't have any special booklet for this paper. But some of our customers have used the RAW Filter Tips Book product as an alternative.

  • Can you deliver it next day

    Hey, It usually takes 3 to 4 working days for an order to deliver.

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