RAW Organic Prerolled Cones King Size - 3 Cones


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Product Details

  • 3 Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Pre-Rolled Cone
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Made of Hemp
  • Perfect Rolled Cone
  • Easy Smoke
  • Dimension

Product Description

Ahaan!! Aren’t these cigarette pre-rolled cones incredible thing for any smoker out there, well we believe so. This RAW Organic 110mm King Size joint pre-rolled cone is a cigarette size cone good enough for a smoker to enjoy alone. The right sized cone that can hold the a good amount of filling of tobacco herb. These pre-rolled joint smoking cones acted as a revolution in the world of smoking as it made life easier for those who weren’t perfect rollers or were new to smoking.


Pre-Rolled Cones: To make life easy for all the ones who love smoking, RAW came out with these joint pre-rolled cones that set a revolutionary example in the smoking industry. These smoking joint cones have become a good companion of every smoker whether he/she is new or a pro. The joint cones are spacious enough to hold a good amount of tobacco herb for you and to fill up the cone properly you can use a Cone Loader.

Unbleached Paper: RAW has a variety of joint rolls and cigarette papers available in the market but is commonly known for the quality of products RAW manufactures. Each cigarette paper, roll, and pre-rolled cone in the market by RAW are unrefined and unbleached of chlorine, or its substances as bleaching lead to bad smoking experience. Most of the brands in the market have bleached products that lead to lousy smoking experience.

Made of Hemp: All the products by RAW are made of organic substances that are environment-friendly. These Pre-rolled Joint cones by RAW are made up of natural hemp with tree sap gumline excreated from plants.

Dimension: The joint pre-rolled cone has a size of 110mm i.e. a King Size Pre-Rolled Joint that is one of the most used rolled joint size.

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