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Are you a smoking enthusiast? Well, we think so if you are reading this. In that case, RAW might be one of your favorite smoking accessory brands. As we all know RAW has top-quality Joint Rolling Papers to other Smoking Accessories that make the life of every smoker easier and smoother, RAW has always come up with some fantastic innovations in the industry, and here we are with another of its masterpieces. RAW Supernatural Roller Rolling Machine. Who would have even thought about it even? The Supernatural Roller Rolling Machine smoking accessory is like a huge satisfaction to all the all the lovers who enjoy a big big joint. The Roller Machine can roll a 12 Inch huge joint.


Material Used: The RAW Supernatural Gigantic Roller Rolling Machine is made up of German Hemp Plastic, which is a revolutionary material created by Dr. Pohl and popularized by RAW. The machine has metal reinforced brass pins to make the Roller stable while Rolling. These rollers are produced in the land of Kudus, Indonesia, where the original clove cigarette factories were established.

Used For: The Supernatural Roller is specially designed for smoke lovers who had hard time in rolling their ass big rolling paper of 12 inch with bare hands. The Rolling Machine has the same functioning like any other roller in the market but at a larger scale. The Supernatural Roller will roll you a Supernatural Joint.

How to Use: Just follow these few steps to roll yourself a Supernatural Joint. All you gotta do is 1. Start placing the tobacco or herbs between the roller with a filter tip and start rolling it towards you, just as direction mentioned above the roller. Now, 2. Once the tobacco is aligned in the roller pick up your joint rolling paper and place it in the rolling machine with gum side towards you. 3. Start rolling the roller until you are left with ½ inch gummed edge. Moisten the edge of rolling paper and start rotating the roller again. 4. You are ready to go and smoke your gigantic joint.

Dimensions: The Supernatural Gigantic Roller Rolling Machine  Smoking Accessory is of 12 Inch i.e. 30 cm. Used only for supernatural huge Rolling Paper of 12 Inch.

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