OutonTrip Re-useable Small Glass Filter Tip - Round Mouthpiece - 26mm


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Product Details

  • Made of Glass
  • Reusable
  • Round Mouthpiece
  • Dimension
  • Better Smoking Experience
  • Price for Each Glass Filter Tip

Product Description

OutonTrip has been the trusted online pit stop for all your smoking essentials where we believe in delivering the best smoking and shopping experience to our fellow trippers. To fulfil all your needs we onboard new and original products from around the globe. Today we present you Glass Filter Tips that will enhance your smoking experience and give you smoking satisfaction. The glass tips are the perfect alternative to those paper non-reusable roaches.


Made of Glass: The Glass Filter Tip is a revolutionary smoking product in the smoking industry that has replaced the old paper tips with glass for better! The Glass Filter Tip is made up of high-quality glass that is easy to use and re-use.

Reusable: The Glass Tip is easy to roll and re-use filter tip and can be used n-number of times if you don’t break it. It replaces those absorbent paper roaches for a better smoking experience.

Round Mouthpiece: The Glass filter tip has a round mouthpiece that makes them a comfortable piece of smoke, which is easily placed on your lips and gives a refined smoke with the help of two pinches inside the tip.

Dimension: The glass filter tip is available in two sizes, "1. 5mm x 6mm x 26mm", "2. 6mm x 7mm x 26mm" Dimension. Both of them can be rolled with your favourite size of the Joint Cigarette.

Best Smoking Experience: The Glass Filter Tip is the right element for every smoking kit. The glass tips are made in such a way that they hold the ashes from the cigarette or joint while smoking between the one pinch in the glass tip. While at the same time these tips replace the soggy paper roaches. Tips are specially made for a refined smoking experience.

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Ask a Question
  • How to use the glass filter tip ? Need to fhx in paper rouch or just place it in a an ocb paper?

    You do not need roach, just place the rolling paper with glass tip.

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