A look at food items like Chips, Chinese food, Pizza, Fries Peanuts, Chocolate cake and cookies which are perfect for staving off munchies cravings.

7 essential foods to fight off the Munch Monster
High Moose with Munchies eating chips

One of the best things about smoking up is the near zero side effects. That is, if you discount the overwhelming need to bite, chew, and munch on food for hours on end despite not being hungry anymore. The next time you make plans to smoke up, here’s a list of essentials that you should stockpile to chow:


1. Uncle Chipps

The best thing to do when you are craving to chomp on stuff – eat a packet of chips (or 5!) This may not be a very healthy kind of post-pot snacking, but it will get you there and fast. Even if you’re really craving food, a couple jumbo packets of Chips will do the trick. A huge packet of Uncle Chips works best for the munchies. The snack is an honest, classic salted flavour which reminds you of your childhood and simpler times. Plus, the packets are huge and cheap, which makes it the number one option in this list.   

 Uncle Chipps - Best chowing food

2. Chinese Food

If you’re not too stoned out of your mind to function like a normal human being, go the nearest Chinese restaurant and ravish the buffet. It’s cheap, heaps of food, and perfect to satiate the Munch Monster. Even if you don’t want to make the effort to go out, order in! Specifically, order the Manchurian and Fried Rice with some of those Crispy Honey Potato things that nearly all Chinese restaurants now carry. That will fill you up fast, even with the Munchies. For pure greasiness, nothing can beat Chinese food and pure greasiness is exactly what you need right now!

Crispy Honey Potato - Chinese Food

3. Pizza

30 minute delivery is precisely what you need when you’re craving food like anything. Pizza is precisely what the doctor ordered and there are a huge number of varieties and outlets to choose from. To really satiate your munchies hunger, you need to go for the biggest, baddest pizza on the menu. Then, order it in Cheese Burst crust, top up your order with a couple of oregano Garlic breads and then tell the guy to double whatever you just told him. That should do it.

Cheesy slice of Pizza

4. Fries

If you like fast food and live near some place with a drive in or 24-hour delivery, French Fries are some of the best foods to munch on! They are very much like Chips in that they have a consistently great taste, they can be chomped on for hours at end, and most importantly, you can order them in huge quantities. They are not exactly a healthy snacking option when you’re going to eat a thousand of them, but I don’t think that would be on top of your list of priorities just then.

French Fries

5. Peanuts

If you are the sort of person who still cares a lot about their health, pot or no pot, here’s the healthy (and ridiculously cheap) option for your awesome trip. Jumbo bags of peanuts cost, well, peanuts, compared to most of the options on the list and they are just as satisfying to munch. This option is also a shout to all of our broke friends who really cannot afford the expensive gourmet items in this list. Just pop in to your local supermarket before you smoke up and buy the largest bag you can find. Then get two of them, just in case.

Peanuts cartoon always hungry

6. Chocolate Cake    

This is the recommendation that comes with a statutory warning. Not everyone is built to handle a sugar rush with a weed high. It can become too much for your senses, so be careful with this one. But if you are someone who loves the combination, Chocolate cake is the best option for you! It will catapult you out of this world and put you in a state of happy delirium which will sustain for quite a while.

Chocolate Cake

7. Cookies

Biscuits, cookies whatever you want to call them. These things are the very best to munch on constantly. You can nibble, chomp, bite or swallow each one depending on preference and it will give you an intensely satisfying feeling every time you take a bite. It’s the perfect food for the munchies! Buy several packets of the stuff you like and you’re good to go. What’s more, this can become a healthy option as well. There are a number of options for healthy biscuits out there and all of them will be just as satisfying to chomp.

Cookie Monster

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Written By Karan Gupta