Joints Vs Bongs!

Joints Vs Bongs!

The Biggest Debate in the Indian Hippie community is always of which is better Joint Or Bong! Joint is made with the help Of Rolling Paper and Tips or roaches whatever you want to call them, whereas on the Other Hand Bongs are made of Glass and the Dry Herb is smoked using a thing called Downstem which is one of the various accessories which are used in Bongs. We at OutonTrip would love to settle down this debate once and for all by the detailed breakdown of Joints and bongs, So let’s get started

1– Joints-  

So, Firstly let’s get started with One of the most loved thing by the community itself, That is the Joint!

(A) – What Are Joints Made Of?

So, Joints are basically a combination of rolling paper and the roach or tips (Whatever you want to call it)

(B) – Are their any different type of joints?

Yes, So joints are basically made of rolling paper and tip/roaches and both rolling paper and tips come fo different types, there are Flavored rolling paper, UnBleached rolling paper, Hemp rolling paper, Transparent rolling paper and much more. On the other hand Tips/Roaches also comes of different sizes altogether, One is the normal roach pad other ones are the wide roach pads.

(C) – Do Joints Comes with different sizes all-together?

Yes, So Rolling papers do comes in various different sizes which is Single-wide ( A bit shorter than a normal Cigg),  ½ Size Which is one of the most preferable size for the people who loves to roll small, 1 ¼ size which is a size of a normal ciggi, King Size which is also the standard size of most of the rolling papers around the world! Then, we have king size slim which is definitely one of the most preferred sizes in whole of the world and the thing which makes king size different from king size slim is the thinness of the rolling paper king size paper is thicker compared to king size slim and last but definitely not the least is Super *wait for it* fuckin* Natural paper which is of 12 Inches, and is also Mia Khalifa’s Favorite size *Winks*

(D) – How is A joint different than the bong?

So, Joints are on a whole different ball game than the bong, so one of the major specification in a joint is of the heat of the smoke which is because of the dry herb that you are burning, that makes a joint RIP bit harsher and very hot for the person which is not the case with the bong as it contains water which is there specifically to cool down the smoke and the other major difference is of the amount of the herb that you want to smoke you can decide the amount of the herb that you want is your joint because of the different sizes of the paper you have which is not the case with Bongs.

2– Bongs-

Bongs are one of the most favorite glass pieces of every other hippie who loves a chill, relaxed, smooth and overall a much higher Experience when it comes to smoking!

(A)- What are bongs made of?

So, In general Bongs are classified as Glass Bongs, Ceramic Bongs, and Acrylic Bongs, and in all together Glass Bongs are the one leading the way! People love Glass bongs because of its simplicity and its different designs which are quite difficult to find in other types of Bongs.

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(B)- Are There any different types of bongs?

So, Bongs comes in various different types and shapes which is one of the most basic specifications of a bong. All together you will find various varieties which is the same Glass, Acrylic and Ceramic bongs. In Glass bongs you will find various different types of it like the Beaker Base Bong, Cylindrical shape bongs, Straight Tube Bongs, Honeycomb and the percolators which itself comes in lots of different types like the Oil Percolators, Ice percolators, Tree percolator, Turbine percolators, Honeycomb percolators, Coil Percolators, Inset Percolators and Much more (We will need a day if we start counting)

(C) Do Bongs Come in different sizes altogether?

Yes, bongs come in various different size, there are mini pocket bongs with an average height of 4 and 5 inches which is portable easy to carry comparatively and definitely a little less expensive. Then we have Normal bongs with an average height of 8 to 10 inches which is of different types that are it contains percolators and ice catchers with them and also the bubblers which are normal pipes with different shape and percolators installed inside them.
Then we also have 12 inches to 16 inches of the bong which makes the ball game of bongs completely different these bongs comes with percolators and showers installed with it that makes the bongs nothing less than a Precious glass piece that you would love to gift to any of your close mates out there.

(D) How is a Bong different from joint?

Bongs are on a whole different level when it comes to smoking as bongs contains water in it be it the mini pocket bongs or 16 inch long percolators, The water in the bong cools down the temperature of the smoke which allows you to take a much bigger hits than of a joint and with the percolators the bong game has reached to a whole different level you can place crushed ice on your bongs which will give you a much smoother and cooler hits than the normal piece and will give you the best smoking experience of your life.