“Raw, Elements or Juicy? What would you prefer?”

“Raw, Elements or Juicy? What would you prefer?”

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Rolling papers are like your favorite dessert, it comes with amazing varieties, huge numbers and each brand has their own specialty.
But the three most popular brand with rolling papers are Raw, Elements and the juicy jays and there is always been a tussle between these Three. So let’s look at and explore what these 3 are made up of and how are they different and special in its own way!

Raw Rolling paper –


Raw Rolling papers are like Shah Rukh Khan (Both are kings in their field of work). Raw believes in selling only natural rolling paper for the cleanest smoke one can get. Raw is pure, less processed rolling papers, unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked. Because they contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine whitened) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. RAW is so thin that you can see through it.
Raw Rolling paper Uniqueness is that it comes in different sizes and with different quirky accessories like Rolling machines, Raw Trident and much more. Raw is here for a complete revolution and they are doing extremely well in it.


Elements rolling paper –


Elements rolling papers are like Hrithik Roshan (Both are charming, Handsome and loveable) of the smoking world. Elements rolling paper high-quality rolling paper made up of rice and sugar and it is really-really thin!
Generally, people love to smoke without any ashes and elements paper provide that to their customers (except for that one the thin line of residue left incidentally from the Acacia gum carmelizing.) maybe that’s what makes them a leading light in the world of high-quality smoking products. Elements paper also ensures that each product passes their test of high standard quality checks also it doesn’t have that strong paper taste that other papers carry. All we can say is Elements do know how to shake a smoking fan to the core.




Juicy jay rolling paper is the perfect papers to jazz up the mood for the night and the thing that makes them so good is that these flavored paper rolls are the fruitiest rolls out there.
Juicy jay papers basically use a soy-based ink that gives the paper an attractive and vibrant feel.
Juicy jays are the ones to go for if you are looking to try out something extremely good and different and the best part is juicy jays comes with unorthodox flavored rolling papers like watermelon, Kiwi (My personal favorite) Bananas and much more.

Now you know about the Alpha, Beta and Gama of the rolling paper, and you also know about the perfect pitch spot for it right?