Rolling Papers V/s Bongs!

Rolling Papers V/s Bongs!

Rolling Paper or Bongs, this is the most heavily debated thing amongst the smoker community!
So here, we will be digging deeper to find out more about which is better Rolling papers or Bongs?

 Bongs –

Let’s admit it, when we get into the groove of smoking we all think of a better way to increase the experience of the Herb.
Now, Bongs plays a very important role here as A Bong Rip is definitely much better than that of joint, basically the smoke in bong passes through the water before you hit it which makes it go easy on your lungs and gets you a bigger hit. But bongs can be difficult to handle especially for beginners as too much smoke needs to be inhaled in one go.
Bongs are also difficult to move and are very less flexible compared to rolling papers until and unless it's a mini pocket bong which is also difficult to hide.
So where discretion is required the bongs don’t go in handy. But if you are home alone and your bae is out of town and you need someone to have a perfect time to chill and relax Bongs will never disappoint you!
You take a hit, You grab some munchies, You make love with it, Bong will do anything to make your night perfect! *Winks*

Rolling papers –

The Plain old paper is still everyone’s favorite when it comes to smoking herb.
Rolling paper has evolved a lot in these past year from natural hemp papers to flavored rolling papers. But one thing that didn’t change is everybody’s love for rolling paper. The smoking experience in the rolling paper is a matter of personal preference joints are bit harsher than Bongs when it comes to smoke.
But joints are easy to carry and easy to try out for beginners. The ones who are new to smoking can’t even go for a bong rip as it is too deep and intense compared to Rolling papers.
Rolling papers gives you the power to use it in any way possible and anywhere possible. You can use Rolling papers to roll a cross joint, a breaded joint or anything like that. Also, rolling papers are easy to carry and hide as compared to bongs

The health part –

Bongs are the favorites when it comes to what is healthy for you as there is a belief that the water filters out the bad and only good are left in it.
Well, Not exactly. A study by MAPS and California NORML shows that the bongs filter out more THC than the Tar in it that makes us smoke more to acquire the same level of high as of a joint.
But, There is also a chance that the water might filter out harmful gasses like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide which both naturally occurs in the smoke. So there’s no clear-cut winner on which is better.
In the end. It doesn’t even matter (I am a big Linkin Park fan)
It all boils down to personal preference I Say.
So if that’s the case why don’t you check out the uber cool Bongs and rolling papers and its accessories from everyone’s favorite trip Spot!