Beginners Guide to Rolling papers

Beginners Guide to Rolling papers

The choices we make is said affects our lives directly or indirectly. We must be careful in trying things we have absolutely minimal or no idea about. Same Goes for Rolling papers, Many people don't know where to start when choosing Rolling Papers

So here are the best rolling papers to try out if you a beginner –

10. ZEN –

Zen papers are all natural top quality rolling papers with awesome smooth flavor, perfect burn time and resilience of the paper. Zen papers have a thin line watermark, which is an innovative design from Zen to provide you clean and an even Burn

9. DLX –

Dlx rolling papers are said to be perfectly designed for the modern day smokers.
Dlx rolling papers are made of craft blend of High-quality natural materials and uses the pure acacia gum and is completely chemical free while the Dlx 84mm is the world’s first 84mm rolling paper which is of the same size as a real cigarette this extra length compliments it to provide you a perfect and enjoyable smoke


Chills rolling papers are the premium hemp rolling papers which will be perfect for you if you like ultra thin papers which gives you a smooth burn.
So let's do it the chills way and roll like a rock star and Smoke with chills.


Laramie rolling papers should be your ideal choice for lightweight hemp rolling papers. Laramie is like ménage name in the rolling community featured on Tv Shows like Simpson and Video games it won’t disappoint you as it has been carefully crafted to your choice of tobacco with a slow and even burn.


Bob Marley rolling papers are a licensed by Bob Marley and one of the best rolling paper available in the industry. These papers come with 15 Different design and 10 different quotations.
Bob Marley rolling papers allows you to roll with the legend. These papers are tree free and feature a Pure hemp, 100% natural consumption

5. TRIP2 –

Trip2 is like the Classy Irfan Khan of the rolling paper industry. Classy, Active and Simple. Trip2 are the perfect rolling papers for the first-timers.
Trip2 have the best transparent rolling papers in the market.
It’s amazingly popular among smokers its cellulose material keeps it from getting affected by moisture it burns slowly, Minimizes waste and provides a nice and even burn.

4. LUXE –

Luxe is known as the world’s first company to make a fully printed luxurious rolling paper. Since 2015 it is seemed to have taken the Rolling paper industry by a storm. Luxe is also known for is Clear as Crystal Luxe Glass clear rolling paper made from 100% plant cellulose which  provides you a Slow, Healthy and transparent Smoking experience


Juicy jays are like the Ranveer Singh of the rolling paper world, Quirky, Odd, and Loveable. Juicy jays are the ones to go for if you are looking to try out something different. It comes with Unorthodox Flavored Rolling papers like Watermelon, Kiwi, Chocolate, Bananas and much more.
Juicy Jays are the one to go for If you love Ranveer Singh (Not Really you can also not love him and enjoy the Jays)


    Elements rolling paper Prides itself of being by Rice and sugar.  They claim to be the best rolling paper known to man. Elements are known for its ultra-slow burn and for being really-really thin.

    Elements rolling paper burns with almost Zero ash except for Caramels which is also created as the sugar gum burns. 


    Raw Rolling papers are the alpha the omega when it comes to rolling papers, They sell all Natural rolling papers for the cleanest and best smoke for a beginner to try out and believe us once you are up for RAW it's pretty difficult to part your way with it. Even artists like Rihana and Wiz Khalifa loves Raw.

    So Now You know All about Rolling papers brands! And you also know the perfect Stop from where you can Buy all these Trippy Rolling papers! (Right?)