'Sandwich Etiquette everyone should be aware of'

'Sandwich Etiquette everyone should be aware of'

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‘Etiquettes defines the personality of a person!’

We all have heard this countless time and we all know it’s absolutely true. The Same thing applies to the smokers, Smoking etiquettes are a thing now. There are a certain sect of ‘Joint Rule of conduct’ that every smoker should be aware of.

Here is the list of certain etiquettes/Rules which will keep you Joint (Pun alert) with your smoking group –


1 – One who rolled will be the one to light -

This is the most basic etiquette that every smoker should be aware of, one who rolled the joint will be the one to light it and the one to take hit it first. There are no ifs and buts with this one, this is like a Preamble of ‘Joint rule of conduct’


2 – Puff, Puff, and Pass!

This is the second most fundamental rule of smoking you always take two Puffs and Pass the thing. It shouldn’t be like Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff and Pass until and unless you are with a group of close friends.


3 – Always Respect your Senior –

Learn to respect your seniors, maybe your rolling skills are good but there might be someone whose are excellent, you always give chance to your seniors, because that way everyone in the group will be able to enjoy the Joint. 

But that doesn’t mean you should stop practicing maybe one day you will be the most experienced roller available.


4 – No Peer Pressure –

If someone is present in your group who is a non-smoker then you should not pressurize him to take a hit, Let them be.
Also if someone doesn’t want to take another hit, you don’t force them into it.
Smoking is all about having a fun time with your friends and pressuring someone does spoil the mood and nobody wants that!


5 – Bonus Tip –

It’s always good to have Good Quality of Rolling papers and accessories with yourself and you know which ‘Trip’ Spot to visit for that! Right?