Screen Pipes and its uses!

Screen Pipes and its uses!

The question which often arises and it also seems to be a pretty legit one, Why to Use a Pipe Screen?

As you know before going into why of anything we always start with the what of anything! So same is the case with this too! Let’s understand what pipe screens are –

What are screen pipes?

Pipe screen is made up of brass or silver which are generally used as an ash catcher for your smoke sessions, generally these screen pipes are for one time use only or mostly two as the as generally these smoking screens cannot withstand too much of heat and they eventually get burned from the center and if they don’t get burned you can be pretty sure that it will catch Tar as there are small holes in the screen whose sole purpose is to protect your glass pipes from ash! Pipe screen would also prevent your glass piece/glass pipe from the remains of tar.

What are the uses of screen pipes?

You are having a good smoke session and suddenly everything spoils down! Why? Because there is a mouthful amount of burnt ash landing on your mouth, which makes your entire smoke session a bad experience! You don’t want that do you? This is where the screen pipes come into the play Screen pipes will protect your smoke session as this is what screen pipes are made for, You have to tuck those screen pipes into the empty bowls so that the screen pipe gets conforms to the shape of the glass piece/glass pipes, It will protect your mouth from the unwanted ash and will also protect your glass piece from getting blocked with the tar, that will protect your pipe in the longer run and screen pipes are very affordable and easy to use, so it is generally beneficial to buy a pack of 10, 20, 40 or 50 (Since the screen pipes are cheaper anyway)

Different types of screen Pipes?

There are the various different type of screen pipes available in the market, some people also try to make their own screen pipes by poking holes into foil paper using a toothpick and we are pretty sure that is not the smart way to use it as you are also smoking the heated aluminum of the foil paper!
Which makes it quite stupid and dangerous to use at the same time. In general, There are a different type of screen pipes available in the market like

1 – The Detachable one – These smoking pipes come of 10mm and 15mm they are detachable and quite cheap which makes it suitable for Your Bong or Glass pipe as a couple of bucks are saving hundreds and thousands of bucks from your pocket which you spent on your expensive Glass pieces and glass pipes

2- The Fixed one - Some smoking pipes also comes with the fixed smoking screen you can’t dispose of them that easily buy it can be detached and another screen can be fitted in the pipe makes it convenient to use as you don’t have to change the screen every now and then.

3- Built-in in the shooter/downstem- There are also various shooters and downstem available which comes in with the built-in screen which makes it amazing and perfect to use, but it is hard to find that kind of thing in the Indian Bong market.

So now You know what does Screen Filters do, How is it Used and what are various different types of it and you also know where to get it from don’ t you?