Where to find affordable bongs in the best price?

Where to find affordable bongs in the best price?

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When people think of cheap bongs they make an Image in their conscious of a small bong, from a local Pan Store which is of 4-5 Inches, Breaks easily and looks horrendous and it is quite normal to think of it like that, because that is exactly what was portrayed and that is exactly what is sold in the Indian Bong Market both online and offline, the other vendors are selling low-quality bongs on a high price. But you don’t have to worry, We are here to change the game, With the rapid change in technology and increase in skilled working glass makers OutonTrip is making it easy to get high-quality bongs.

1 – OutonTrip 8 Inch Black Ice Percolator Bong -

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The Height of the bong is 20 cm/8 In made up of high-quality thick borosilicate glass and comes with a thick black glass, extra rimmed, mouthpiece. Btw You know the best part about this bongs?
It comes with a cross line percolator and a perfect Ice Catcher which is perfectly fitted in the bong and is made up to diffuse the smoke and the ice catcher in this bong is there to make the smoke smoother and to give a higher hit than any normal bong. This bong only costs Rs 459 which makes it a perfect pocket-friendly for every stoner present out there.

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2- Outontrip Classic transparent conical 6-inch glass bong –

Classic Transparent 6 Inch Bong Online

The height of the bong is 6 Inches comes with a bent necked design! Low in Price, comes in handy and it definitely provides the best water filtered experience out there in this category. The best part about is it comes with a very affordable price and it is extra suitable for everyone who is curious about hoe bong smoking pleasantly works.

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3 – OutonTrip 12 Inch Glass Bong with Ice Catcher –

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The Height of the bong is 12 Inches, Comes with an aesthetic leaf print design and flared mouthpiece and removable downstem!
You know what the leaf print design and the fact that it comes with an ice catcher and the height of the bongs makes it one of the top-selling bongs in our collection, it is made up of clear glass design which allows the users to watch the vapors percolate, this bong also comes with an ice chamber you can Put ice cubes in the bong which will make your smoke cooler and smoother for bigger hits. This bong costs only Rs 599 makes it a perfect piece in the category of 12-inch bongs.

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4 – OutonTrip 12 Inch Solid Coloured Bong with removable downstem -

Buy 12 Inch Silicone Bong With cylindrical design

The height of the bong is 12 Inches comes in a cylindrical shape with silicone blue design which gives it a unique and aesthetic look, this bongs completely stands out in your glass piece collection! The things which make it unique is its cylindrical design, solid blue color and the feature that it comes with a removable downstem which makes the cleaning process of the bong very easier which a big YES! YES! For any bong present out there.
This Bong costs only Rs 649 and we can assure you it is worth every single penny of it.

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5 – OutonTrip 8 Inch Themed Glass Bong with barrel Percolator -

Get 8 Inch Themed bong with barrel percolator

The height of the bong is 8 inches comes with a pyramid base and barrel percolator which give it a keen look, the base and the mouth of the bong are of themed green color which makes it look perfectly exquisite and elegant. The bong contains a bent necked pipe which definitely comes in handy when you are lighting up the herbs as in straight piece which is there without vertical downstem it becomes difficult to lit up the herb and smoke at the same time. The bong Costs Rs 799 which makes it

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